The case that you will see below has been sent by some subscriber of our channel and we feel that having to share it with you I am not sure that the event happened really but already a lot of local media have been disseminating it through their social networks. Maybe you have heard or seen before but our channel has been responsible for finding out very well about the situation and this was exactly what happened, I feel that the content is truly impressive and for that reason, I invite you to stay with me until the end of the video. Will you see why?


getting married is undoubtedly a very important step that every human being in your life expects, it is a unique and especial moment that you compare it with your family and friends and your most important neighbors, logically before giving yes, hope that your relationship lasts Forever without excessive sincere infidelities and logically with all the love of the world sadly in actuality there are people that I do not give a damn because many despite being married bring their partners without thinking about the pain that can cause with that infidelity,


that person who is not guilty of anything this can lead or lead to depression and that definitively is not good, it is important to first say yes to know very well the person who will share your life with him or her, so that’s our main character in this video.


Anna had finally found the person with whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, Martin, with a long-term courtship full of emulations and pleasant moments at last it was time to take the next step and Anna prepared the wedding of their dreams a wedding that had always wanted the big day came and everything looked just as it had sounded Anna had a little 100 guests only the closest person and the church was adorned with flowers on all sides so the very large room was waiting for them with a cake and elegance in every detail a wedding that was clear had spent enough money, although there was something wrong, the groom looked very happy but Anna was not so when they finally went up the altar along with all the godparents Ana turned in front of the guests so they keep a silence that could be! They asked and began to thank everyone for attending the most important day of their lives, thanked them for their show of affection and the one they had come from so far to accompany her, also thank their in-laws for supporting her as they and their parents organized part of the event

5.pngin truth they had been with every detail and everything seemed out of a fairy tale also assaulted them in a very especial all the gifts I had received from the guests but suddenly began to get sad at once I told them I also I prepare a gift for you but it is not so pleasant present and looked at each other, the boyfriend seems surprised then he asked that they looked under the church benches for an envelope stuck with adhesive tape the guests showed intrigue and emotion they had no idea what it was about but they expressed that it was something very original,


although the panorama changes radically when to finish opening each one of his envelope is that two photographs of the groom were brought with one of the godmothers in one the cheating boyfriend and the woman appeared kissing and the other leaving a motel completely happy Anna then with tears said the following addressed to the godmother and her partner know they enjoy their wedding that day is not mine they are very happy applaud and under the altar quickly left the place and the crowd was totally shocked everything was not even Martin’s parents,


They did not know where to get from the embarrassment I felt for what just happened now well wonder how Anna learned of Martin’s tradition? It all started two weeks ago before the wedding took place. Anna started to suspect her boyfriend. Of course, she did not want to marry someone. She was deceived, so she decided to hire a professional detective.


same as I gave him the photographs of the betrayal in the same di of his wedding very early when he began to suspect the infidelity of Marin she began to withdraw money from the card of he had taken almost 40,000 dollars according to her to pay the event what I was going to pay at the end of course Martin did not say anything because he totally trusted Anna despite feeling that he was being unfaithful with the preparations because he had a perfect plan to end not only the reputation of his fiancé but also his dear friend who I was pressing badly in front of family and friends. She knew perfectly well that if she did not go before the wedding, no one would believe her story and wanted to be heard by everyone one day after the ceremony. Anna returned the gifts to the guests and Martin without any embarrassment came back to look for her.


But what I discovered was worse and had only found Anna’s mother and she gave him the letter in which saying the following, wise that you will come looking for me


I tell you that you have the debt of the marriage are 40 thousand dollars that you have to pay I do not pay absolutely nothing for sure I take advantage of the flight we had to go on our honeymoon and you do not know how good I am spending it without a doubt very well deserved has it Martin for giving it Don Juan well apart from because apart from being indebted, he is left without a rope and without a goat since the lover left the country due to shame,


So tell us what is your opinion about the revenge that Anna carried out! Do you think she did it right? What would have done if you are in her place? , just hope that she overcomes this stage of her life and someday she finds someone, I hope is really worth it because after this expulsion she deserves something better, do not you think? is that playing with someone’s feelings is the lowest that one can do, remember that all evil in the end has discovered sooner or later why girls before giving the yes Definitive think well marriage is not a game I think you should respect until the last breath…

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