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The Swedish YouTuber Felix Arvid make a video before start match between the fighters KSI vs LOGAN PAUL and DEJI vs JAKE PAUL with comments of the fighters and laugh with funny moments.
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It’s the day of the fight! KSI vs LOGAN PAUL & DEJI vs JAKE PAUL, the fight is in couple hours.

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LOGAN PAUL & JAKE explaining how you can watch it with credit card, they sad “we’re gonna blur that cuz f**k y’all” , while someone reply in comment: “dude he blurred is card better than

he blurred the body the lmaoooo”…

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The show start with funny drama with rackaracka and scarce. The fighters coming in and ready for weigh-ins.
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Jake Paul look like good fighter! The presenter says “Now living / training and fighting out of Hollywood i think who cares this isn’t a real fight i’m just here for the paycheck”…

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Well the presenter says : he’s Deji The Tank “training so hard is ready for this one” with laugh…

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And here we are Logan Paul enters with cheers fans and shows his nice body.

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Next step KSI comes out finaly with mask face of his girlfriend omg, and start face off with Logan with saying from Logan to KSI “ Your breakfast is very bad”
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Logan give a chewing-gum to KSI with weird and strange way. in his mouth with fans says “shot that”.

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Felix Arvid say: “i really really want Deji to win just purely from the fact from the boxing fight the winner be the comedy short dammer everybody”

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“however i hope Deji is gone to winning”

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