The third son of the Dukes of Cambridge has received the Christening waters at a ceremony held in the chapel of the palace of St. James.

Prince Louis of Cambridge, third son of Catherine of Cambridge and William of England, has been Christianized in a moving ceremony held in the chapel of the palace of St. James. The little one, born last April, received the Christianized waters of the archbishop of Canterbury, the Reverend Justin Welby.

However, the day has been marked by the absence of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, whose busy schedule has not allowed them to be present. It will be Tuesday morning when they reappear before the cameras at the RAF, although the most anticipated event of the week is Donald Trump’s visit to Windsor Palace next Friday.

Those who have been present are the chosen ones as sponsors of the child. On this occasion, the Dukes of Cambridge have entrusted such an important role to their childhood friends and the duchess’s cousin: Nicholas van Cutsem, Guy Pelly, Harry Aubrey-Fletcher, Laura Meade, Robert Carter and Lucy Middleton.

The dukes of Sussex have not missed the act either. In fact, the British press has already christened Prince Harry as ‘the best uncle in the world’ after his gift to Prince Louis was made public. According to “Daily Mail” and “Daily Mirror”, the brother of William of England has bought a first edition of the Winnie-The-Pooh tale for 8,000 pounds. An object without doubt of great economic value, but that also keeps an important sentimental value.

“One of the happiest childhood memories for Harry was when his mother read him bedtime stories. He liked the classics very much and had a special predilection for Winnie-The-Poo », revealed a source close to the prince. Looking for his nephews to enjoy children’s literature as much as he does, Harry from England has decided to start a library of first editions for his three nephews. In fact, according to this same source, the prince was about to buy Lewis Carroll’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass” for 24,000 pounds, but decided it was too much to start the collection.

As in other Royal Families, the Windsor Christianized their children with a suit that passes from parents to children and from older siblings to minors. This time has not been an exception. Luis of Cambridge has worn the same skirt that Carlota and Jorge of Cambridge had previously worn. It is an exact copy of the original because, in 2004 and after 160 years of history, it was decided that the use had left it unusable.

The original skirt was commissioned by Queen Victoria for the Christening of her first child, Eduardo. After him, another 62 babies took him, of which six inherited the British throne. The last one was Lady Louise Windsor. For the Christening of Count Severn in 2008, the dressmaker of the queen, Angela Kelly, was commissioned to make the exact copy that, by the way, has already been taken by a future king, Prince Jorge.

On this occasion, as happened at the Christening of his older brother, Luis de Cambridge arrived in the arms of his mother, while the princes Carlota and Jorge walked clinging to their father. A picture very different from the one they starred in the Christening of the only daughter of the dukes. Then, the protagonist of the day arrived in a beautiful car driven by her mother, to which her older brother looked curiously several times to check if her sister was well.

For this occasion, the Duchess of Cambridge has returned to repeat white, as she did in the Christening of his daughter. The wife of William of England again relied on Alexander McQueen in a white long-sleeved dress, with V-neck, and an impressive headband of Jane Taylor. The bow, low, leaves the prominence to the flower-shaped earrings, which they say could be a gift from Prince William for the birth of the child.

The Duchess of Cornwall has also arrived in white. For their part, Princes William and Harry have coincided in the suit with a blue tie. For her part, Meghan Markle has preferred an American firm and has chosen a nice olive green design by Ralph Lauren with a matching headdress by Stephen Jones.

But if there are two assistants who have focused their eyes, those have been the eldest sons of the Dukes of Cambridge. Prince Jorge, in navy blue trousers and white shirt with blue trim, was matching his sister, with her hair on the ground and white dress with blue flowers.

Two looks that, incidentally, remember previous appearances of the little ones. And Jorge of Cambridge has already seen him with a similar shirt, only on that occasion of long sleeves, in some photographs distributed by Kensington Palace after the birth of his sister. On the other hand, floral dresses in white and blue tones are not strange to Carlota of Cambridge, who wore similar models both the day she went to the hospital to meet her little brother and on her official trips to Canada or Germany, as well as the Christmas card of the dukes for 2017.

Since its entry on stage, the Duchess of Sussex has become the most sought after member of the Windsor by the press. And the Christening of Luis of Cambridge has returned to focus on the relationship of both sisters-in-law, with several gestures in which the British tabloids already read a “ninguneo” to Markle by Catherine of Cambridge.

f in the “Trooping the color” ran rivers of ink because of the position occupied by Harry’s wife of England on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, in the second row behind the Duchess of Cambridge, the video shared by the Kensington Palace of Christening has stoked rumors that William’s wife of England feels “eclipsed” by her sister-in-law.

As you can see in the recording, the Dukes of Sussex came third to the chapel of St. James, just behind the Dukes of Cambridge and Charles of England with the Duchess of Cornwall. The recording lasts barely a minute, but at all times is given prominence to Catherine of Cambridge, with Prince Louis in arms, leaving in the background Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

A fact that, given the interest aroused by the Duchess of Sussex, has drawn attention to the British media. Of course, there are also those who see a favor of sister-in-law to sister-in-law and remember the ‘gesture’ of Catherine of Cambridge at the wedding of her brothers-in-law, choosing a dress so similar to the one she wore at the Christening of her second daughter that many thought she repeated design.

If at the Christening of his other two nephews Pippa Middleton has always been at stake with his sister – yellow in Jorge’s, white in Carlota’s – this time she has distanced herself from the Duchess in a blue dress with buttons and a board of skirts of Alessandra Rich that lets intuit its Tripe in its sixth month of pregnancy.

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